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About George
George Smitherman is sought-after for his advice and recognized as one of Canada’s leading public policy voices, having been active in public life as a grassroots organizer and community activist, an elected official and senior advisor at the local, provincial and federal level, spanning more than 30 years.
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Most recently a candidate for Toronto Mayor, George Smitherman previously served as Ontario’s Deputy Premier – a role that often saw him as the government’s leading spokesperson on many of the most contentious issues facing the province. Elected three times as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Toronto Centre, George served in both opposition and on the McGuinty Government’s front bench. During his time in Cabinet, he was responsible for the allocation of more than $250 billion.

George was one of Ontario’s longest serving Ministers of Health and Long-Term Care, holding the portfolio from 2003-2008. Widely viewed as the most transformative health minister in a generation, George brought drug spending and hospital budgets under control while at the same time dramatically reducing medical wait times to the lowest in Canada. His tenure brought significantly improved access to doctors and nurses. Ontario’s Family Health Team model, which serves more than 3 million Ontarians, was pioneered during this period.

In 2008, George was appointed Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, where he shepherded the passage of Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act, internationally recognized as a leading piece of renewable energy legislation, and which has allowed Ontario to emerge as North America’s renewable energy leader, producing billions of dollars in new investment and thousands of green energy jobs in the province.

During this same period, George led negotiations with the Government of Canada on a massive infrastructure stimulus program, provoked by the global financial crisis.

Before his election in 1999, George owned and operated a small business in downtown Toronto. Following his unplanned retirement from politics, George has returned to his entrepreneurial roots as Chairman and Principal of G&G Global Solutions.

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